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Three Minute Mindful Breath

This mindful breath is adapted from Insight LA. Mindful breath can be done with the eyes opened or closed, standing, sitting, lying down, walking, or even at your desk in the middle of the day. The mindful breath is divided into three parts. First, shift your awareness to the present moment. Second, focus your attention to your bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts (running stories). Third, center awareness of your breath in the present moment and allow yourself to accept the experience.

  1. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position.

  2. Focus your attention on your breathe, which allows you to tune into the present moment.

  3. Become aware of your body in the present moment.

- Scan your body and tune into your sensations.

- Recognize your emotional state (no need to fix or adjust, only take take account of your emotional state).

​- Ask yourself, is there a predominant story or thought pattern running through your mind? (Again, no need to adjust the thought pattern, just recognize it)

  1. Focus your attention on your breath and track where you feel the breath in your body.

  2. Begin by breathing through the nostrils and visualize your breath moving from your nostrils to to the back of your throat, passing your sternum and breathing deep into your diaphragm expanding your intercostal muscles and abdominal muscles expanding at your tummy.

  3. Follow your breath in the reverse direction from your diaphragm to to your sternum, then flowing through your throat and exhaling the breath from the nostrils.

  4. As you follow your breath count to three to yourself, hold the breath, and exhale the breath evenly for the count of three.

  5. Repeat for another three breathes, visualizing and counting the breath.

  6. Open your awareness to your entire body, become aware of your body, surroundings to here and now.

  7. You are here now. It is okay.

You can return to this mindful breath at anytime of your day. For more information and free downloads of mindfulness audio recordings, visit Insight LA online.


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