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Image by Tomoe Steineck


Bright and twice exceptional (2e) people experience and respond to the world with heightened emotional, sensory, motor, imaginational, and intellectual processing. In our society there are many misunderstood aspects of the bright and 2e experience, myths, misidentifications, and misinformation.


Neurodiversity is a part of the spectrum of the human experience, no better, no worse but diverse. As a society we must come together to open our minds to human diversity, including the uniqueness of brain, body, and mind connections.


My intention is provide accurate information, language and compassion for the neuroindividual experience by summarizing the latest scientific findings of neuroscience, physiology, emotional, cognitive, and sensory processing in bright and 2e individuals. As a society and culture, we need to embrace and encourage the beauty in neurodiversity. 

Our latest study

High intelligence: A risk factor for psychological and physiological overexcitabilities

Insight into a Bright Mind

Learn more about the gifted story. My book Insight into the Bright Mind explores giftedness through accurate science and stories of neurodiversity.

Image by David Clode

"There’s a huge gap in our understanding of the gifted community. They are often misdiagnosed, mislabeled and misunderstood. After reading 1,000+ papers about this population, I recognized that I could reshape the story."

Over the past three years, I have conducted in-depth literature investigations on the neuroscience and physiology of bright individuals.  Below are roadmaps of the topics of investigation and the relationship with gifted brain, body, and experience.  I share articles and blog posts on these topics, at Awesome Neuroscience

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