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Dr. Tetreault and Dr. Wilson talk about the complexities of giftedness and twice-exceptionality. They share insights from practical and clinical perspectives. 

Assorted Goods Podcast with Dan Felton

Imposter monster get out of my mind! Dr. Tetreault and Dan Felton have a rich discussion about creativity, overcoming imposter syndrome and living in your essence.

Tilt Parenting with Debbie Reber

Dr. Tetreault talks with Debbie Reber about differently wired minds and how we need to embrace neuro-uniqueness for children to thrive.

Kids Under Construction: Insight into a Bright Mind with Dr. Nicole Tetreault

Dr. Tetreault talks with Donna Tetreault and KCET about neurodiversity, anxiety and positive life practices to calm your child's mind.  

New Minds with Ben Koch

Learn about how meditation rewires your mind for positive neural plasticity. Understand the depths of the emotionally gifted brain and how nurturing these gifts benefits all of humanity.   

Artists w Em Podcast: Nicole Tetreault - Insight into a Bright Mind

Dr. Tetreault talks with Em about being gifted and dyslexic and how her son motivated her to write about neurodiversity!

For the Trees Podcast- Insight into a Bright Mind

Dr. Tetreault talks with Jeff about neurodiversity, the brain, imposter syndrome and overcoming fear.

TiLT Parenting

Decoding Trauma & Social Isolation in 2eKids in the Time of COVID-19

Go Get Mom Podcast - Gifted Kids

Dr. Tetreault shares misconceptions, helpful tips, and really puts into perspective who our gifted children are and what they really need from us.


Nishant Garg Show

Social Meditation, Therapeutic Writing, Botanical Growth, Cultivating Calm, and More

Videos and appearances:

Caltech COVID Care and Beyond the Cell Guided Meditation

Dr. Tetreault leads mindfulness meditations and lectures on ways to calm the nervous system in a time of crisis. 

Let’s talk 2e With Understanding Comes Calm:

A Lens into Neurodiversity– In and Out of the Classroom

Guide your twice-exceptional student to thrive with compassion and understanding. Teach them to be liberated and empowered along their life journey.

Unleash Your Kid's Genius

Raise self-esteem in kids who think and learn differently.

Bright and Quirky Summit 2019

Helping Your Uniquely Bright Child Flourish

Talentissimo Webinar

The Gifted Brain Rebooted: Ways to Guide Unique Minds to Thrive 

4 Days of SENG Online Mini Conference

A Lens into Neurodiversity– In and Out of the Classroom

Alverno Heights Academy, Commencement Address (2016)

Commencement Address to 2016 Graduates of Alverno Heights Academy 

Press and/or Magazines:

Magazine Interview with Caltech Techer   

Magazine Interview with Gifted Family Network Texas

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Seth Perler interview

KCET interview with Dr. Nicole Tetreault Insight into a Bright Mind

Kids Under Construction with Donna Tetreault: Dr. Nicole Tetreault Talks About Anxiety

Ignite Your Kids Genius with Jean Harville

Let’s Talk 2e Tuesdays Tuesday. 7:00 pm. Clinical Considerations

Roots and Shoots: Conversation with Dr. Nicole Tetreault

KCET interview with Dr. Nicole Tetreault on Anxiety