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Seminar, Workshop, and Lecture Series

Dr. Tetreault is an internationally recognized speaker on a variety of topics. She compassionately communicates the latest neuroscience, physiology, and positive psychology research that guides people to positive life practices, healing, and wellness.

Speaking topics include:
  • Feeling Color: Insight into the Bright Mind, Body, and Experience

  • ​Gifted Brain 2.0: Understanding the Latest Neuroscience of Giftedness

  • The Psychology, Neuroanatomy, and Care of the Creative Brain and Person

  • Insight into the Anxiety of the Gifted Body, Mind, and Behavior

  • Being Twice Exceptional:  Why am I different?

  • A Lens into Neurodiversity– In and Out of the Classroom

  • Neuroscience of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Compassion

  • Neuroscience of Meditation for Calming Anxiety and Relieving Depression

  • Bright Minds:  Create Space to Cultivate Meaning

  • Unraveling Many Misunderstood Aspects of Giftedness Related to Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Self Esteem

  • Nurturing the Creative Brain, Body, and Spirit

  • The Supreme Gut Brain Connection, Health, and Well-Being

  • Anxiety of the Brain, and Body: Learn to Nurture Positive Neural Networks

  • Customized workshops can be created as well 

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Upcoming speaking engagements:




January 25 - Let’s Talk 2e Conference Speakers! Our Educator Conference launches January 25 - in full - so educators can access any session at any time.


February 12-13 - Center for Gifted Education. William & Mary. More info>

February 19 - Expert Series Educators: Meditation and relaxation education. 3:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada). More info>

MARCH 2021

March 30 - Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented. More info>

MAY 2021

May 25 - Let’s Talk 2e Tuesdays Tuesday. 7:00 pm. Clinical Considerations (Tetreault, Nerenberg, Marcou, Schabillion, Foley Nicpon, Doobay, Schultz). More info>


August 20-22 - Seth Perler, Executive Functioning Summit. More info>

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