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RELEASED! Insight into a Bright Mind: A Neuroscientist's Personal Stories of Unique Thinking

The Latest Brain Research Made Understandable -- and Personal!

I am thrilled to share that my new book, Insight into a Bright Mind: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Stories of Unique Thinking, is FINALLY HERE!!!

Order your copy of Insight into a Bright Mind today, at: InsightBook.Store

The goal of Insight into a Bright Mind is to help individuals live their best life by explaining exciting new neuroscience research and make it meaningful to you. In Insight into a Bright Mind, I have shared the latest studies, illustrated by the experiences of unique, creative, and intense brains, told through interviews, storytelling, and literary science.

Insight into a Bright Mind makes it easy to understand neuroscience, as I have translated complex research into understandable pieces, then assemble the puzzle pieces in your imagination, creating a brilliant mosaic to illuminate our understanding of the bright brain.

Insight is designed to connect with you, the reader, on an authentic emotional level. Each story draws you into the neuroscience and makes scientific discoveries have personal meaning, because we see how scientific research is demonstrated in real-world experiences. Neuroscience goes beyond facts and statistics, coming alive in the mind.

Insight into a Bright Mind passionately advocates for a new vision of gifted and “neurodiverse” minds, explaining the concept of “neuroindividuality,” that each of us has a brain that is like no one else’s. But being an unusual kind of thinker can profoundly impact the lives of bright children and adults, as well as their families and peers. I share my personal experiences, as a parent of a gifted child myself, how we as parents, educators, and caregivers, must step out of our comfort zone to see, accept, and advocate for our children to be who they are. Being mislabeled as “awkward geeks,” “hyperactive clowns,” or “antisocial misfits,” is not only devastating to the person, but also may rob the world of their unique gifts.

To you, my dear reader, I have shared personal letters throughout the book, connecting the heart to the mind. In compassionate language, I share the impact of enhanced senses and enhanced emotions. Gifted people cannot be lumped together. Each of us is unique!

Insight into a Bright Mind offers help for gifted individuals, parents, teachers, therapists, caregivers and others to understand and value the uniqueness of each bright individual, especially those who are “twice-exceptional” (2e). 2e individuals are gifted, but also have a learning disability/difference.

I have shared my personal journey to help others, discovering my dyslexia diagnosis when I was a science undergraduate at the University of California at Davis, through my experiences at Caltech, and the adjustments and learning gained from my personal experiences. Through stories, connections with the reader, and understandable explanations of how our brains work, I hope I can help you, by applying what I learned from the latest neuroscientific research into how highly intelligent, creative, and intense brains work to help manage the “emotional roller coaster” of being 2e. I hope that I help to encourage individuals and families by sharing stories, inspiration, and advice.

Insight into a Bright Mind explores a variety of nuerotypes, including ADHD/ADD, the autism spectrum, sensory processing differences, the gut-brain connection, and shares the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Additionally, I provided a list of my favorite 2e/gifted resources, including schools, therapists, books, communities, online sources, and webinars.

“When we understand how deeply connected we are to everything, that we belong, we have a purpose which is our woven neuroindividuality, that is our transformation, that is when we begin to fly.”

Praise for Insight into a Bright Mind:

"Nicole Tetreault has synthesized and translated fascinating breakthroughs in the neuroscience field, beautifully illustrated through truthful personal stories, memoir, vulnerability, a good dose of humor, and heartfelt letters to the reader. This is an extraordinary creative book, perfectly suited for the gifted, talented, and twice-exceptional, as well as anyone who’s curious how their unique brain works." - Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, humanistic psychologist and author of Transcend

From the Foreword:

"Insight into a Bright Mind is a smart and complex book—part research tome, part memoir, part poetry anthology, and part guide- book. Nicole makes tremendously complex material readable, accessible, and oh so interesting. Personal stories and insights, rich with details of living with a bright mind abound, and these are beautifully integrated with support and explanation from key studies conducted in the neurosciences. Nicole shares her own experiences with neurodiversity along with her vast knowledge of neurodevelopment, and she does so in a friendly and approachable way. Vignettes of discovering her son Spencer’s unique brain-based strengths and challenges help us make connections along a continuum from childhood though adult experiences of twice exceptionality (2e). Nicole writes honestly and from the heart about the joys and challenges of living with a range of personal strengths and challenges. Truly, this is quite a lot of rich material to integrate—quite an accomplishment and one that reflects who Nicole is as a person."

- Susan Daniels, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus & Cofounder of the Summit Center

Co-author of Living with Intensity and Raising Creative Kids

Insight into a Bright Mind is available from Gifted Unlimited, LLC publishing ( For more information, contact


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