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10 Steps to Manifest Your New Year Visions

As you begin the new year, set your visions by mindfully adjusting when life throws curve balls. Swing for the fences each and every time because you never know when you will make it home.

  1. Set an attainable goal that has meaning and is specific. The greater detail of the how, when, where, and the why will make your goals more concrete and clear in your mind. If you want to travel, choose your destination, create a budget, and have an idea of why you want to travel to your destination. Meaning makes the difference.

  2. Be flexible to change course. Sometimes what we want and what is meant to be are two very different realities. Be open to adjust your expectations.

  3. Channel energy on focused vision. Pay attention to how your vision flows in your daily life. For example, you may dream to take a trip to Madagascar, so sign up for alerts on flights and lodging. This allows your vision to naturally flow in your daily life.

  4. Develop self-compassion, open to new ideas, and shift old beliefs. Allow for yourself to be in the moment of expectation, frustration, and disappointment. Be gentle with yourself – change takes time.

  5. Tell two people who will make you accountable and will not let you off the hook. We all have those family members and friends who challenge us and cheer us on. These two trusted confidants will encourage you on the way and make sure you don’t stop.

  6. Have fun and lighten up. If you step out of bounds and make mistakes, be ready to get back up. Sometimes what we want is hard; be prepared to fail, learn from your mistakes, and fail again.

  7. Be ready to laugh at yourself and don’t take the process too serious. Laughter releases natural positive neurochemicals like opioids in the brain and reduces pain. Laugh as much as you can!

  8. Write about your vision and map it out. Imagine it from beginning to end.

  9. Create a vision board with visuals to remind you of your intentions.

  10. Meditate on your visions and track your progress. As you revise your visions weekly, monthly and annually, reflect whether they serve your highest purpose and whether they are still something you want for yourself.

Now is the time to make it happen for you! Be you, be free, and dream.

May you have a year full of compassion, empowerment, and wisdom!

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