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Dedicated to providing the most promising neuroscience and medical breakthroughs
to individuals so they can live their best quality of life​


I specialize in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders and translate the promise of neuroscience and positive psychology for individuals to live the best quality of life.  I am dedicated to enhancing lives through a holistic approach that integrates developing positive thought processes, cultivation of self-compassion, and awareness of bodily sensations with our environment.


My aim is to translate the latest scientific research into practical, useful information.

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*Previously published on 2e News and Variations Magazine at https://www.2enews.com

“If you are always trying to be normal you may never know how amazing you can be.”

— Maya Angelou

There is a great body of evidence in neuroscience indicating that our individuality origina...

February 15, 2019

William Shakespeare wrote, “Present fears are less than horrible imaginings.”  It is important to remember, when one’s mind tends to drift, imagining can be positive, negative, or neutral.  It is the state of our reactions to our emotions and bodily sensations, whether...

Depression is insidious.  For people suffering from depression joy is elusive.  Depression is not only a general feeling of sadness or being down and out.  It is a serious condition and needs attention.  People suffering from depression cannot just get over it and move...

High IQ: A risk factor for mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, ASD and immune dysregulation

Date: October 8, 2017

Source: Intelligence Journal

Summary: A new study that investigated 3,715 individuals with an IQ at or above the 98th percentile revealed a strong link between...

High emotional capacity is a blessing and a curse.  Without high emotional intelligence individuals like St. Teresa of Calcutta would have not impacted our world so profoundly.  We need these individuals to open our eyes to be more empathetic, caring, and develop creat...

Neurodiversity is the new norm.  Much of our lives we have been taught that the brain and human personality has a “Goldilocks” setting and as humans we need to fit in a box to be normal.  For many, this box can be suffocating, almost as if it were a coffin and we emerg...

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